Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane

What We Do

Change starts at the ground level


OWR-Dane County works to:

  • Identify, train, and support candidates who will run in the 2018 Dane county board elections, as well as in other local and statewide elections in the second congressional district in 2018

  • Fight for a better use of our tax dollars by calling for a County Budget that embodies our commitment to economic and racial equality

  • Advocate for increased funds for health services and public schools in poorer districts;

  • Demand the right to unionize and $15/hour as a minimum wage for all workers in Dane county;

  • Organize across the County as a whole, forging deeper bonds within and among Dane's rural and urban communities, and bridging existing divides.

Just in the past few months we have:


The political revolution starts with you

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OWR-Dane gets its groove on at the workgroup level. We currently have four workgroups:

  • Outreach: grows our movement

  • Popular Education: educates OWR members and the public at large

  • 2018 Elections: helps get progressives in office in the 2018 elections (and beyond)

  • Resist & Rebel: our direct action and rapid response team

See our Events page for a list of workgroup meeting times and dates.