Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane

Last Assembly

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM, June 18, 2019

Central Library, Madison Public Library

Mike McCabe

2018 Gubernatorial Candidate

Mike is a political reform activist in Wisconsin. He worked for 15 years as executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and founded Blue Jean Nation, a nonpartisan group that describes itself as "commoners working to house the politically homeless and transform parties that are failing America”. He ran as a Democrat in the 2018 Wisconsin gubernatorial election.

He’ll help us understand what's happening to Wisconsin and America. You have to understand the plight of voters in places like rural Wisconsin, people in such places are frequently said to be foolishly voting against their own interests. That belief is as wrong as it is condescending. Small-town Wisconsin is to the nation what canaries are to coal miners. What’s been happening there—politically, socially and economically—is an unmistakable warning that there’s something toxic about current conditions in our country. It's what gave Trump a path to the White House and why he has a path to reelection.

This discussion will focus on what has to happen to bring America back from the brink of disaster, and what we all can do to help.