Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane

Last Assembly - 04/16

April 16, 2019

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Central Library, Madison Public Library 

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OWR and the Progressive Action Network want to enable progressive activists and groups to collaborate and unite around their common causes. To do that we are offering workshops, and seminars and tools for organizations to raise public awareness of their causes and events.

Our first educational offering is a FREE workshop designed to empower progressive organizations to form coalitions and advocate effectively with their local and state government organizations.

Legislative Advocacy with Gary Goyke
Gary has served as a government relations consultant since 1983. He has an intimate knowledge of the legislative process, proven success in dealing with legislators, state agencies and the Governor. He served as a state senator and has chaired several committees and committees, including Education and State Institutions and Banking and Insurance.
Among his numerous awards, Gary has won the Distinguished Service Award from the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators and the Legislator of the Year Award from three separate organizations.

Ultimately, we hope to bring together progressive organizations to form advocacy groups and act as a coalition to affect our state and local government.