Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane

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County Board District 26

Sharon Corrigan

Why are you running? What are your top two policy objectives?

I am running to continue working on projects I have begun -- Criminal justice reform (specifically working to expand diversion programs, using data to improve outcomes, and reducing disproportionate minority incarceration; Clean lakes (completing the work of the Healthy Farms, Healthy Lakes Task Force that is bringing together farmers, lakes and watershed advocates, & policy experts to reduce phosphorus in our lakes); and Planning for the future of the Alliant Energy Center (rethinking the campus for the future to ensure its ability to self-support by attracting customers and to increase its positive economic impact on the County)

What qualifications and/or experience make you a strong candidate for elected office?

During my years on the Board, I have used my leadership positions (first as Chair of the Personnel and Finance Committee and now as Chair) to increase transparency (electronic access to Board action, increased publicizing of issues before the Board, and increased community outreach); to actively involve the community in policy considerations; and to increase supports for the most vulnerable in our community.

Will you help us implement OWR’s policy objectives at the local level? How? You can consult OWR's platform at: https://ourwisconsinrev.com/program/

As a member of the County Board, I have been working to accomplish many of your goals. A few examples are: increasing the County's living wage to $15; supporting project labor agreements; approving paid family leave for County employees; approving an innovative Employee Handbook that respects the rights of employees, supporting County renewable energy projects; leading a County Board that is driving criminal justice reform; and creating a County Affordable Housing Fund.

What is your plan to win? Feel free to list (or provide web links to) any endorsements you have already received, the size of your campaign team, your fundraising strategy, and any other relevant information.

I have been endorsed by Dane Dems. Other groups have not completed their 2018 endorsement process.

Would you be willing to fight to suspend Voter ID laws in Dane County? How would you do this?

The County funded a study of the Voter ID laws that highlighted the disproportionate impact on minority voters. We have passed a resolution urging the state to suspend the law.

What (if any) alternatives to incarceration will you support as County Board supervisor?

I support expanding the Community Restorative Court -- this innovative Court allows individuals to avoid a CCAP listing that will harm them as they seek jobs and housing. Additionally, the program puts into place supports that will help individuals not to reoffend. I am open to other programs too, but believe that pre-charging programs are a priority for young people who are interacting with the criminal justice system for the first time.

What strategies would you pursue to increase the funds for community-based mental health and AODA Services and improve the availability of affordable housing across the county?

The County should continue to aggressively pursue federal dollars for mental health services. Additionally, we recently approved a Resolution appealing to the State to increase Treatment Alternatives and Diversion funding for Counties. Finally, I will continue to support annual funding for the County Affordable Housing Fund. In 2018, we budgeted $3 million for this annual effort.