Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane

meet the candidates

County Board District 25

Tim Kiefer

Why are you running? What are your top two policy objectives?

It is difficult to limit my policy objectives to a certain number, because as county board members we are called upon to make decisions in a wide range of policy areas. One policy objective that is important to me is cleaning up Dane County's lakes. I note that the OWR platform calls on local governments to "vigorously defend and restore the clean water and air that we all depend on." I plan to continue making the lakes cleanup effort one of my top policy priorities on the county board.

What qualifications and/or experience make you a strong candidate for elected office?

I have served on the Dane County Board since 2012. The district I represent includes the Village of Waunakee and part of the Town of Westport. I am a homeowner and property tax payer in Waunakee. In addition to serving on the county board, I own and operate a small local business, Kiefer Law Office, LLC. My law practice focuses on representing individuals in criminal defense and family law matters. I am a graduate of UW-Madison (BA in history, 1993) and Harvard Law School (JD, 1998).

Will you help us implement OWR’s policy objectives at the local level? How? You can consult OWR's platform at: https://ourwisconsinrev.com/program/

My core mission on county board is to represent the people of the 25th district, which includes the Village of Waunakee and the Town of Westport. The OWR's platform provides useful ideas and objectives that may be helpful for me in doing my job of representing the people of Waunakee and Westport.

What is your plan to win? Feel free to list (or provide web links to) any endorsements you have already received, the size of your campaign team, your fundraising strategy, and any other relevant information.

I am currently running unopposed in the April 2018 election.

Would you be willing to fight to suspend Voter ID laws in Dane County? How would you do this?

While I oppose the Voter ID law, I also recognize that the Dane County Board does not have the power to overrule or suspend state laws. I am supportive of ongoing efforts by the Dane County Clerk to conduct rigorous, empirically-based studies of the effects of Voter ID. The data generated by these studies may help make the case for eventually suspending, overturning, or repealing this misguided law.

What (if any) alternatives to incarceration will you support as County Board supervisor?

My "day job" is as a criminal defense attorney, and as such I am familiar with the alternatives to incarceration that already exist, including the Bail Monitoring Program, First Offenders Program (aka Deferred Prosecution) and the Community Restorative Courts. During the last budget cycle I actively supported efforts to retain funding for two paralegal positions for the Community Restorative Courts. I will continue to support funding for current and future alternatives to incarceration.

What strategies would you pursue to increase the funds for community-based mental health and AODA Services and improve the availability of affordable housing across the county?

I support the Beacon homeless day shelter, which provides a centralized place for homeless individuals to obtain mental health and AODA referrals and services. I support the project to build housing for low-income veterans on county-owned land on East Washington Avenue (the "Valor on Washington" project). In addition, Dane County has partnered with other government agencies and the private sector to build affordable housing across the county, and I will support those ongoing efforts.