Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane

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County Board District 15

Steven Peters

Why are you running? What are your top two policy objectives?

I am running for the Dane County Board of Supervisors because our community in southwestern Madison and the Town of Middleton deserves a voice that will represent its diverse viewpoints on the Board. I want to protect our lakes and parks by supporting sustainable local agriculture, reducing runoff, and promoting clean renewable energy. I also want to improve Dane County Human Services by continuing the Wisconsin tradition of providing cost-effective and solid family foundations of education, health, and livability.

What qualifications and/or experience make you a strong candidate for elected office?

My fiance and I are longtime residents of Dane County, and we built our home in Sugar Maple because of the great schools, friendly neighbors, and growing community. Working as a research assistant in the Wisconsin State Assembly, I have seen the effects, both good and bad, that public policy decisions have on our communities. Growing up with just my mom and I, she taught me the importance of hard work, listening, and working together to solve problems. Now more than ever, we need folks with those skills to bring people together and stand up for us.

Will you help us implement OWR’s policy objectives at the local level? How? You can consult OWR's platform at: https://ourwisconsinrev.com/program/

OWR's policy objectives and mine share many similarities. Among those most important to me are establishing a system of automatic voter registration, support for a living wage and the rights of workers to organize, maintaining access to quality alcohol, drug and mental health services, and defending our natural environment by promoting renewable energy use and responsible stewardship of our water resources.

What is your plan to win? Feel free to list (or provide web links to) any endorsements you have already received, the size of your campaign team, your fundraising strategy, and any other relevant information.

I have an aggressive fundraising and voter contact plans in place and have begun executing them. We have only been on the ground for a little over two weeks but are already fairly far along. I have secured the endorsements of several sitting County Board Supervisors as well as State Representatives who represent the district.

Would you be willing to fight to suspend Voter ID laws in Dane County? How would you do this?

The Legislature and Governor have worked hard to create a Voter ID law that, despite being unnecessary and politically motivated, has stood up to review. Until state law can be changed or can be successfully challenged in court, the county must do all it can to insure that every eligible citizen has easy and free access to an ID.

What (if any) alternatives to incarceration will you support as County Board supervisor?

Alternatives to incarceration save taxpayers money, provide courts with more sentencing options, and help prevent recidivism. Drug courts, ADOA treatment, and increased support for mental health screening and treatment are all examples of alternatives I support.

What strategies would you pursue to increase the funds for community-based mental health and AODA Services and improve the availability of affordable housing across the county?

While the county has done an admirable job in understanding that many individuals who are struggling lack basic needs like appropriate health care and housing, more can be done to prioritize these base level programs that provide a stable foundation for success. Working with local, state, and non-profit partners to find funding for paths to recovery and the encouragement of the creation of more affordable housing options should be priorities, giving vulnerable individuals a path to success.

Brett Rentaria

This candidate did not respond to the questionnaire.

Joseph Ryan

This candidate did not respond to the questionnaire.