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Ann Groves Lloyd

Ann Groves Lloyd - Candidate for the 42nd Assembly District


From a fifth-generation dairy farming family...

Ann Groves Lloyd has devoted herself to public service for her entire adult life. Currently serving on the Lodi city council, she also served on the utility commission for seven years, and has worked for UW-Madison for 30. Her grandfather and uncle served as legislators in the Progressive era. Her great uncle, Harold Groves, played a role in bringing about worker’s compensation. Her father worked to advance co-op education, and another relative was the editor of a major cheese industry publication. Ann's key issues are:

  • Highways

  • Education

  • Rural internet

  • Local control

  • Good paying jobs with benefits

  • Higher minimum wage

  • Agriculture—for which science and internet are crucial

  • Affordable, accessible health care, with special emphasis on women’s health

  • She would like to eliminate the profit motive from health care, and have a single-payer health care system

  • She supports medical marijuana

  • Planned Parenthood user and supporter

  • Treatment vs. jail for addiction

  • Environmental stewardship

Why is she running? She wants to leave a legacy for the future. Her whole life has been about public service and she sees her approaching retirement as a good opportunity to give back to her community in a new capacity. Her passion is education, both K-12 and higher education. She’s against voucher schools and wants to do something about student debt. As a person with fibromyalgia, she is very concerned about access to and affordability of health care, including women’s health care, mental health, and addiction treatment. She also wants the state to invest in infrastructure and environmental stewardship. She believes DNR decisions should be based on science and that water should be protected. “Once groundwater is contaminated, it takes generations to purify it again.” She wants people to be able to “live a life of dignity and grace on 40 hours a week of work.”

Her website is www.annforwisconsin.com, and she needs help with all the usual campaign activities--canvassing, phonebanking, texting, lit dropping, and donations. Her highly gerrymandered district covers parts of 5 counties, is almost entirely rural, and is in three different (and not overlapping) TV markets. Rural internet is so bad, she says, it's almost useless as a campaign tool.

Ann on the campaign trail.

Ann on the campaign trail.