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Wisconsinites are ready for a change.

What we believe

Our manufacturing industry has been gutted, our family farms are on a steep decline, and the gap between rich and poor is at record highs. In the past 20 years, our state experienced the biggest dip in the number of middle-class households in the country. By contrast, since the late 1970s, the income of the top 1% in WI increased by more than 130%, while the income of the remaining 99% grew by just 9%. Minority populations are particularly hard hit, with 39% of the state’s African-Americans living below the poverty line.

And all of this, with Wisconsin’s top 1% paying the lowest rate of state and local taxes than any other group in the state.

We say: Enough is enough.

What’s needed is real change, and a movement of Wisconsinites of to take back our economy and our politics. Our Wisconsin Revolution was born to address this need.

We believe that Wisconsin is in so much trouble because in the past 20 years, corporate Republicans and corporate Democrats have failed to stand up for working people.

To fix the mess we’re in, we can’t just focus on protesting Trump or Walker, or bringing the Democratic Party back to power.

Our Wisconsin Revolution is ready to lead our state in a new direction. Inspired by Bernie Sanders’ 2016 run for President, OWR is energized to put an end to economic inequality in Wisconsin. And as part of the Our Revolution movement nationwide, we have the infrastructure, resources, and collective brainpower needed to make a real difference in the upcoming election cycle.

In 2018, Our Wisconsin Revolution is positioned to transform all levels of government, at the local, county, and state level. Right now, the organization is identifying and supporting candidates who are ready to fight for working families in the years ahead. We are also developing policies that will help those in office -- from village councils on up  -- to turn our state around.

At OWR’s founding convention in June of 2017, we adopted a non-partisan platform that calls for serious public investment in education, infrastructure, and quality and affordable healthcare for all. It demands a restoration of voting accessibility, district mapping integrity, an end to the corrupting influence of big money in politics, and a fairer taxation system.

Our Wisconsin Revolution is a movement, and it is growing: the organization currently has 25 chapters statewide, and counting.

If you want to get active, we encourage you to plug into the work of our local chapter: OWR-Dane County, where we work to redress the egregious countywide economic and racial inequities, and get progressives in office not just in the Isthmus, but across the county -- and the second congressional district -- as a whole.


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Who we are and why we fight

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OWR-Dane Steering committee

The OWR-Dane Steering Committee is an elected group of 7-9 OWR-Dane members who meet bi-weekly to plan upcoming activities and priorities for the organization. Any OWR-Dane member is always welcome to observe these meetings. Since times and locations vary, contact owr.dane@gmail.com for the most up-to-date information about how to join us. Past steering committee meeting minutes.