Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane

Our Wisconsin Revolution - Dane

Bringing the Political Revolution Home.


Bernie Sanders started a political revolution in this country, and activists nationwide are carrying it on. Nationwide, that effort is called Our Revolution. In Wisconsin, it’s called Our Wisconsin Revolution. We have 25 chapters and growing. Our local chapter is Our Wisconsin Revolution, Dane County.

Changing our politics is hard work. Keep at it, take care of yourself, and don't burn out!

Emily Kuhn: Social Media Based in Old School Marketing - 9/17/2019 Assembly

Mike McCabe: Rural Wisconsinites Do Not Vote Against Their Own Interests - 6/18/2019 Assembly


OWR-Dane activists support Poor People's Campaign


congratulations to our endorsed candidates in the spring 2018 election!

Heidi Wegleitner, County Board District 2
Tanya Buckingham,  County Board District 24
Jason Knoll,  County Board District 32
Luke Diaz, Verona Mayor
Katie Kohl, Verona Common Council, District 2
Kate Cronin, Verona Common Council District 3

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